The Xbox One may kill achievement addicts

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How much of an achievement hunter are you? Do you really need to see a neat row of 100% progress on your achievement page? Does the addition of DLC with new achievements cause you pain because the increase in possible points sets your stats back to only 75% or 80% complete? The Xbox One may kill you. The Console has an all-new achievement system that gives publishers and developers greater freedom for achievement creation, along with a new interface to track your progress.

The new achievement page is a thing of horrible beauty. Large screenshots of the moment you achieved something sit on a grid showing the total progress. Looking at that image almost makes me twitch with greed. I want to get them all and fill the ring to 100%. I don’t want to even play Ryse, but that image is awfully compelling.

Insidiously, administrators can set achievements on anything. Play a demo? Have an achievement! Look at an advertisement? Achievement! Achievements for non-game apps don’t come with points – for now. Heck, the just-announced Machinma app will have achievements for watching videos.

The Machinima experience on Xbox One will also offer gamers the opportunity to earn unique media achievements created by gamers, for gamers, taking inspiration from the original game achievements on the Xbox platform. Remember, media achievements will not affect gamerscore. Can’t get enough of the videos on the Machinima App? Watch 1,000 videos and get the “TV Rots Your Brain” achievement!

How appropriate.