Conquest of Paradise puts the discovery back into Europa Universalis IV

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Paradox Interactive announced their first expansion for Europa Universalis IV. The Conquest of Paradise will give players a new world to explore – literally. The expansion will generate a “completely randomized” version of America for players to explore and conquer with every new game. Would-be rulers can also play as a Native American or Colonial nation and try to break free of the yoke of the mother country. In the first dev diary, Paradox explained some of the new gameplay.

“With this expansion, your colonies in the Americas will take on a new form; the larger ones will actually become free nations that serve as your colonies. They will have a limited independence and you can get money and trade power from them, but they will also live their own life, colonizing, fighting Native Americans and maybe even rebelling and striving for liberty from their motherland. You can squeeze them hard if you want, but then you might get into trouble down the line (or you can just change sides and play as a colony).”

Europa Universalis IV: Conquest of Paradise will launch on December 11th.