Kicking it in the classroom with Door Kickers

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Door Kickers, the top-down, real-time, 2D tactical strategy game from KillHouse Games, just got a boost of legitimacy. BlackFoot Studios has licensed Door Kickers for development into a training tool for real-world use. The Door Kickers: Simulations & Training version of the game will be marketed to police, security forces, and military units as a low-cost close-quarters battle training application focusing on teamwork and tactical movement procedures. John Sonedecker, founder of BlackFoot Studios, explained why they chose Door Kickers as the basis of their product.

“It’s a really clever and easy-to-learn engine, which will run on basically any machine. It gives us the opportunity to develop a product for quick deployment, and it affords our customers the added convenience of easily producing their own modifications and additional content. We’re really excited to deliver the educational simulation tools needed to train today’s warfighters and first responders, to safely execute some of the world’s toughest jobs.”

Door Kickers is available on Steam Early Access.