The PlayStation 4 does not play VHS tapes or vinyl records

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Sony has posted the ultimate FAQ for the PlayStation 4 and there’s some disappointing news for media hounds. First, the next-gen console will not work as a client for media servers or have DLNA support for streaming movies from a PC. The system will not play audio CDs. The PS4 does not include a music visualizer feature, so no trippy light shows for your party. The PS4 won’t play MP3 files either. Wait. It won’t play MP3s or audio CDs? How does Sony expect people to play background music on their consoles? What kind of media box is this? Did Sony not get the memo about controlling the living room?

“The Music Unlimited streaming service will allow you to listen to music while you play PS4 games. A subscription to Music Unlimited is required.”

Ah. There’s the kick. Sony wants you to pay for a subscription to their media service.