Meet the other enemy in XCOM: Enemy Within

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These guys are the EXALT. Dapper looking gents they may be, but the’re not your frineds. They are a secret group of sleeper agents in XCOM: Enemy Within that will battle against players’ XCOM troops. In a preview published at Polygon, it was revealed that this new enemy faction will feature human traitors that side with the alien invasion. The EXALT will compete with players for xeno technology, hack into XCOM computers to steal funds, and stir up panic levels in territories. Players will need to battle the EXALT across the globe until they can hunt down and eradicate the main base of turncoats. I’d advise looking for a large concentration of guys that look like they stepped out of Boardwalk Empire holding xeno weapons.

Push back at the alien menace or go after the dirty traitors? I choose the path of Vichy France and capitulate. Being a Sectoid dataslave can’t be all bad.