Xbox One Day One edition may not live up to its name

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You’re all excited about the power of the cloud, Kinect 2.0, and all the great stuff Microsoft says the Xbox One will deliver, so you snagged a preorder of the Xbox One Day One edition. Won’t your pals be jealous when they see your cool commemorative Day One controller while they’re stuck using the lame plain Xbox One controller? Maybe not. In fact, there may be a good chance they’ll be laughing at you. According to a report from GBM, some retailers are saying that there is no guarantee of getting a pre-ordered Day One edition console on day one. Best Buy and Target told GBM that they’ll do their best, but it’s out of their hands.

“Best Buy and other retailers holding pre-orders on the XBOX ONE: DAY ONE EDITION have no control over the number of units the manufacturer would provide on it’s release date, however, all retailers including Best Buy, are in constant communication with Microsoft so we may be able to comply and meet the demand of all these pre-orders. Should it occur that stocks would run out, the last customer on the waiting list will become the first customer in line for the shipment of the next batch of the XBOX ONE: DAY ONE EDITION.”

Microsoft stands by their November 22nd launch date for the Xbox One and has said that there should be no issues with pre-ordered supply for the Day One or regular console packages.