Minerva’s Den finally freed

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The Minerva’s Den DLC for BioShock 2 is now available on Steam. Long trapped behind Microsoft’s Games for Windows Live, the DLC adds a self-contained episode to Tom’s favorite BioShock game. There’s also a patch for the base game that adds full controller support, removes all GFWL, and disables the Securom DRM. As an added treat, if you already have BioShock 2 on your Steam account, you got the DLC for free! It’s a BioShock miracle!

Update: The patch notes have been published. The key from any digital copy of BioShock 2 can now be used to add the game to your Steam library. You’ll get Minerva’s Den for free as well. Multiplayer comes with all map pack DLC and the XP progression has been tweaked to be “quicker and easier.”