The Irish will conquer Britain in Europa Universalis IV

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Paradox released a gigantic patch for Europa Universalis IV yesterday. The free 1.2 update has a massive changelog which can be found on the official forums. It adds a lot of convenience and interface features as well as patching up a long list of bugs. You won’t get immortal Cardinals in your game any longer and Unam Sanctam has been renamed to Deus Vult, which should excite everyone, right? More importantly, Paradox added five new Steam achievements to the game including this gem:

Luck of the Irish – Conquer all the British isles as an Irish country

As mentioned by Tom, you can’t just cheese this achievement by knocking the difficulty down to easy. No blarney! You’ll have to grind your way through it the manly way.

In related news, Paradox also released the American Dream and National Monuments 2 DLC which can be purchased directly from the publisher as well as through Steam.