Xbox One won’t be all that at launch

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Microsoft’s Albert Penello admitted that the E3 vision for the Xbox One will not be a reality at launch for many customers. Speaking to IGN during the Tokyo Game Show, Penello said that he understands some of the criticism that gamers have regarding the Xbox One’s TV and media functionality.

“TV, if you want to continue, would be another criticism. We talk a lot about TV and that’s only going to work basically in Japan and the U.S. at launch where you have HDMI-in scenarios, so you’ll say ‘hey, what if I have a terrestrial over the air?’ We won’t have a solution for that right away, but we still sell it as part of the vision. So it’s honest criticism and you’d love to have the new launch be everything that you had before and more, but unfortunately it’s an untenable [proposition].”

Albert Penello explained that realizing the Xbox One’s promise of being an all-inclusive entertainment hub is dependent on a number of factors, including the different global standards for television delivery.