Emergency relief coming for SimCity

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The Red Cross is setting up in SimCity. EA announced that the upcoming Red Cross set DLC will allow the humanitarian aid organization to spring into action in disaster-torn cities mitigating health issues for the tiny citizens.

The downloadable content includes a Red Cross Relief Center, tents and two vehicles that will travel around a player’s city in response to a natural disaster. When a meteor strikes, an earthquake occurs or a tornado touches down, Red Cross tents will appear in various locations throughout a player’s city. Sims that would otherwise have been critically injured are instead offered aid at the Red Cross relief tents.

EA will donate at least 80% of the proceeds to the real-life Red Cross. The DLC will be available for one year.

In other SimCity news, there have been leaks of a Cities of Tomorrow expansion pack scheduled to be released in November. The pack includes multi-zone “MegaTowers” which seem to replicate the function of arcologies in SimCity 2000.