Stardock’s Derek Paxton has gained a level

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Stardock Entertainment has announced that they have promoted Derek Paxton to vice president of games development and production. Paxton, the creator of the Fall from Heaven mod for Civilization IV, has been working at Stardock as the lead designer on Fallen Enchantress and Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes since 2010. Brad Wardell, CEO and president of Stardock, praised Paxton’s project management skills.

“Derek has really transformed the game studio. His experience at managing multiple projects combined with his amazing design skills has resulted in not just better games but a better working environment for our teams.”

In an interview with PC Gamer, Derek Paxton spoke about what he plans to do with his newly gained powers. Crush his enemies? See them driven before him? Hear the lamentations of their loved ones? Nothing so mundane!

The big change that I would like to make at Stardock is really organizing those roles. Once you have as many people as we have now, and as many different teams as we have now, making sure there’s a producer devoted to that job, somebody scheduling things out and talking to all the various people and seeing what can be done to make their jobs easier, really, producers are what allow the wheels to turn at companies. And that we have dedicated designers, so the designer isn’t doing that as a side job along with something else. Someone, every day, should be playing the game and focusing on, “Is this fun? Is there a better way that we can do it?” That would probably be the biggest change that I’ll be making at Stardock.

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