EA says offline gaming will still be delivered

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Electronic Arts’ Peter Moore wants to clarify some statements that were reported from Gamescom. Moore had said that EA won’t “deliver offline experiences anymore” and that we can expect free-to-play versions of “every major franchise.” While Moore says this is essentially true, he does clarify in a blog post that EA will continue to make games that do not require a connection.

What that does NOT mean is that every game we ship will require an online connection. Many, if not most, of our games include single-player, offline modes that you can play entirely without an Internet connection, if you so choose. We know that’s something many of our players want, and we will continue to deliver it.

Moore wrote that leaderboards, sharing stats, and achievements are examples of online features.

In other EA news, SimCity recently received Update 7 which allows manually raising and lowering of roads and comes with some traffic behavior tuning. There’s still no offline mode, so maybe it’s not something that “players want” from EA.