Street Fighter and Portal the way they were meant to be played

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The internet gave us BadgerBadgerBadger, Keyboard Cat, and twerking, but sometimes it gives us good stuff as well. Coming from two far-off corners of the internet is some news of industrious hackers from the homebrew scenes bringing great games to platforms they’ve never been on.

RetroCollect has the scoop on Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting. It’s Street Fighter II on the Nintendo Virtual Boy. Now you can Hadoken in red and… More red. Getting it to work depends on a specific flash cartridge, but someone calling himself “Mr.Anon” toiled to bring Street Fighter II to all the Virtual Boy owners out there.

From another part of the internet comes the news that two fellows going by the names “smealum” and “Lobo” are bringing Portal to the Nintendo DS. According to the programmers, it’s buggy and incomplete, but they have 14 levels of Portal gun goodness and there’s even a level editor! It’s based on an original story in which you play Doug Rattman, the guy that left all the cryptic graffiti on the walls of Aperture Science. The Companion Cube is even more adorable in tiny DS form.

Thanks, internet! Sometimes you can be pretty swell.