There’s no way anyone will turn the Gran Turismo movie into a video game

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The Gran Turismo movie will be based on a true story. Sony’s plans to turn their flagship PlayStation racing franchise into a film was revealed at E3, but few details of the plot were available. At Gamescom, Polyphony Digital’s Kazunori Yamauchi revealed that the movie will focus on the real-life story of Lucas Ordonez and how he went from playing Gran Turismo 5 to becoming a professional race car driver.

Yamauchi says he envisions a film that starts out with a mother that is worried about a son that always plays videogames. He says it should end with this same boy turning into a full-fledged racing champ.

It’s fitting that the movie based on Gran Turismo will be based on actual events. The games are known for their attention to detail and verisimilitude. Based on my experience with GT5, the movie will have long scenes of Ordonez trying to beat all the time trials. Unlike the upcoming Need for Speed movie, the Gran Tursimso movie will likely have less car-flipping and shooutouts.