If Square Enix has its way, you’ll be playing Just Cause 3 online

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Square Enix wants to create “persistent online experiences” from its franchises. Darrell Gallagher, the newly appointed head of product development and studios, posted a statement on Gamasutra that seems to reveal the direction Square Enix may be headed with their games.

We see the opportunity for some of our games continuing beyond a traditional beginning, middle, and end. We can have them become extendable and more persistent – with an opportunity to build and grow across games. To design in a way to keep our games alive for years instead of weeks. I’m not talking about an MMORPG – although the concept is similar – I’m talking about creating persistent online experiences built on the foundations of the games we are well known for.

Gallagher calls out the fan-made Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod as one of the indicators of how much gamers want continued experiences in the worlds Square Enix has created. He says that the industry has “walked away” from some games too early and that development on tablets as well as traditional gaming devices could be a great opportunity for the company.