Dota 2 championships end with winners getting an engraved hubcap

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Valve’s The International Dota 2 Championship ended on Sunday night with Alliance beating Na’Vi in a 5-game match-up to take the winner’s spot. There’s a video of the winning match, if you want to set aside an hour to watch it. The commentary is full of stuff like “multiple rax” and “push on the ancient.” Our resident MOBA expert, Jason McMaster, will need to translate it for me between his League of Legends games. In the meanwhile, I guess the summary from the Dota 2 team will have to do.

Game 5? It’s too soon to put into words maybe. In a Tournament filled with great games, it was the greatest game we have ever seen. Not one single action by one team went uncountered by the other. It was a slug fest of team fights.

So there you go. For winning the greatest game, Alliance will take home a $1.4 million winner’s prize, while the second place team will get $632K. The prize money increased from Valve’s initial $1.6 million to over $2.8 million via crowd-funding from Dota 2 players. I need to start learning this game if I want to snag next year’s money!