1,000 Riot Points in exchange for your financial soul

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American Express is teaming up with Riot Games to offer a League of Legends themed debit card. According to the New York Times, the prepaid American Express cards will be available for purchase on Wednesday. Stefan Happ, general manager for online and mobile at American Express in the US, said the card is part of their strategy to reach a traditionally less affluent, but still actively purchasing online audience.

Users receive 1,000 points when they sign up for the card and an additional 1,000 points after loading $20 onto the card. Additional points can be earned for the first 10 purchases made with the card, and 10,000 points are awarded the first time a card is linked to a direct deposit account.

Additional points can be earned for every dollar spent after that. The card requires no credit check, activation fee or minimum balance. Instead, like most prepaid cards, it is loaded with a cardholder’s own money and used in lieu of cash to make purchases.

Riot Games revealed that they are talking with other blue-chip companies for additional sponsorship opportunities to help defray the costs associated with bringing the game to a wider audience.

It’s not the first time a credit card company has reached out to the videogaming demographic. Visa offers a World of Warcraft credit card that offers points for purchases that can be exchanged for game time.