If at first you don’t succeed in Spelunky, you’ll lose the leaderboard spot

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Spelunky will be getting a Daily Challenge mode exclusive to the Steam version. Developer Mossmouth announced that the Steam HD remaster of the 2D sidescrolling rogue-like will get a randomly generated Daily Challenge that will be the same for all players. This challenge will tie into the online leaderboards, so players will be able to post their scores for fame and bragging rights.

One chance… each day. For guts… for glory. No excuses! Since everyone plays the same adventure during the Daily, you’ll be able to know for certain who’s the top Spelunky player in your tribe – we’ve already been having a great time competing against one another behind the scenes!

To promote the Daily Challenge, specially chosen Spelunky players will be posting their runs to Youtube, so we can all see how it works starting on July 28th.

Spelunky got its start as a free game, then went to the XBox 360 as an Arcade game with HD graphics, and is now coming back to PC with the upgraded graphics and controller support as a Steam and GOG release. The new PC version of Spelunky launches on August 8th.