Forza 5 puts the starting line online

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To make its Xbox One console launch window, Forza 5 will ship incomplete on the disc, but will require players to download a patch and additional content the first time they try to play the game. Dan Greenwalt, creative director of Forza 5 developer Turn 10, explained to IGN that their production schedule requires the launch day connection and download so players can get their Drivatar data, tracks, cars, and other last minute updates. Greenwalt went on to use the most tortured analogy possible to soften the blow.

After that, Greenawalt said, Forza 5 is like your refrigerator. “You have to fill it up with food the first time,” he explained. “And from then on, you connect whenever you want when you want to update your food. The Drivatars are as fresh as they are. It’s not like they’re going to degrade, but when you’re looking for new stuff – fresh stuff…it’s going to keep evolving. That’s the nature of this Drivatar system.”

Offline mode will be possible after that first sign-in and update, but Greenwalt said that the benefits of the cloud-enabled Drivatar system are really best experienced by keeping the data updated online. Drivatar technology is used in Forza 5 to power the AI opponents in races to make them behave more realistically by basing their actions on the data from humans driving the same races over time.