Xbox One can read things you cannot

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The one thing gamers are in agreement about regarding the Xbox One is how much they love Kinect being sold with every console and required for the full TV surfing experience. Who doesn’t like waving at their TV to change channels instead of pushing a button on the remote? Microsoft is giving gamers a legitimate reason to love the all-seeing-eye of Kinect by officially confirming to Polygon that 25-digit codes could be a thing of the past.

“As confirmed by Marc Whitten on Twitter, Kinect on Xbox One will allow our customers to redeem QR codes and confirm digital game downloads,” a Microsoft spokesperson told Polygon. “The technological advancements of Kinect for Xbox One allows for a much deeper integration on our platform and we’re excited to share more about new Kinect capabilities in the coming months.”

The original Tweet from VP of Xbox Live, Marc Whitten, was in response to a Reddit comment about letting gamers use Kinect to scan codes instead of fumbling with long sequences of numbers to redeem tokens on the Xbox 360. Hooray for Kinect!

QR codes are those crazy squares on ads that your smartphone owning friends scan to get more ads. Theoretically, you could use QR codes with the Xbox One for more than just making gamers’ lives easier. You could, for example, have QR codes on a product that gamers could hold up to Kinect to enable a more dyanamic ad on the TV. Hooray Kinect?