SimCity’s newest DLC is close to being self-parody

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EA has made the SimCity Airships Set DLC available for $8.99. Fans of disasters couldn’t be happier. Dirigibles and hot air balloons can take to the skies of your cities while your garbage trucks clog up the roads!

Stadiums not quite at capacity? Then you need the Airship Hangar. Plop the Airship Hangar in your city and you’ll be able to welcome Airships bearing tourists from the region. With the added flexibility, you’ll have no trouble filling stadium seats or getting gamblers in your casinos. Local shops will benefit from the steady stream of tourists on airships as well.Tourists aren’t the only kind of Sims that your city needs! Add a Commuter Airship Mooring to your Airship Hangar to float commuting Sims to work or shop in your city, or to take your city’s Sims to a neighboring city.

Will those traveling Sims ever show up in the neighboring cities, or will they be stuck in the limbo between account communication? Just pretend they passed into some alternate timeline in which mass transit is a popular mode of travel and SimCity wasn’t a complete mess.