Sony dropped the camera from the PS4 to undercut Microsoft

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One of the hardware differences between Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles, is that the PS4 does not come with a camera accessory while the Kinect is included with the Xbox One. IGN reports that Sony sacrificed the PlayStation Camera’s inclusion with the basic hardware to bring down the price of the console.

According to multiple sources, in the months leading up to E3, Sony nixed plans to include the camera add-on with every system and shave $100 off its originally planned price of $499. Most importantly, it did so quietly, informing its retail partners only of the removal of the camera, not specifying the lower price so as not to tip its hand to Microsoft.

The absence of the camera in the PS4 box means that customers will have to buy the $59.99 accessory to push software developers to support its use. The PS4’s DualShock controller still has some integrated Move technology including LED lights that are used by the camera to track its position. Sony has said that even without the camera, the LEDs can be used to denote which controller goes with which player, and as status indicators. For example, taking hits in a shooter could result in a flashing light. These uses are limited however by the fact that the light is on the front of the controller, facing away from the player.