Diablo III gets new blood, 360 version announced

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In his introductary post as the new Diablo III game director, Josh Mosqueira outlined some of the goals he has for Blizzard’s action roleplaying game. Adjusting loot drops and quality, reducing the impact of the Auction House, and creating new foes to fight are on the agenda.

While some Diablo players out there are just looking for a fun single playthrough of the game, for many others, part of the appeal of the game is coming back again and again to test their mettle against challenging foes in an ongoing search for rare treasures, with the goal of making their heroes more and more powerful. We want to give those players, and really everyone, even more reasons to keep coming back to Sanctuary, and we have some great ideas brewing for ways to address randomization, what our endgame should offer, and how to make playing online with friends truly fulfilling.

Josh Mosqueira was originally hired by Blizzard to lead the drive to get Diablo III onto consoles. That side of the project seems to be going well as they just confirmed that the game will be coming to the Xbox 360 as well as the previously announced PS3 version on September 3rd. They are offering an “Infernal Helm” preorder item that gives starting in-game characters an experience bonus.