Square Enix gets serious about tablet gaming with Deus Ex: The Fall

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Yesterday, Square Enix got fans excited by teasing a little bit of something related to Deus Ex. A new standalone game? Some DLC to the 2011 action hit? Perhaps another tie-in book? SE ended all that speculation this morning by revealing that Deus Ex: The Fall would be an iOS exclusive game. Developed by N-Fusion in collaboration with Eidos Montreal, Deus Ex: The Fall will put players into the cyber-shoes of mercenary Ben Saxon as he investigates a drug conspiracy. SE promises that the game will have controls for intuitive touchscreen gameplay and will give players a “full Deus Ex experience.”

Despite that promise, fans of the series are already predicting the worst for Deus Ex: The Fall. Gamers used to shoddy ports, limited gameplay, and nickel & dime in-app purchases are wary of the game being just another cash grab.

SE spoke to MCV to allay those fears and to explain the strategy of releasing this for mobile devices. SE Europe’s marketing director Jon Brooke says it’s all a part of the overall plan to shake things up in the mobile gaming market.

“This isn’t about tablets vs next gen,” he said. “We’re a big publisher, so you know we’ll be showing next gen gaming at E3 next week.

“We’re as serious about next gen as we are about tablet gaming.”

SE outlined plans to seriously expand into the mobile market following their last quarterly statement. Deus Ex: the Fall will launch later this summer for $6.99.