World of Tanks going ‘free-to-win’

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The free gaming buzzword war has escalated! has raised the stakes by introducing a new term to describe the latest developments for their tank combat game. “Free-to-win” is being rolled out across the front to take over “freemium” and “pay-to-play” after executing a brutal sneak attack on “pay-to-win” resulted in significant enemy losses. described free-to-win to Gamasutra as the revamp of World of Tanks that will do away with all options to purchase items that could be described as pay-to-win. All future revenue will come from non-advantageous content, such as premium vehicles, personalization options and the like. Andrei Yarantsau, VP of publishing, says part of the strategy is based on making World of Tanks more fair for the eSports competitive scene.

“Our new World of Tanks features, including recent changes in our business model, are aimed at further growing our games in this direction. Professional sport – and gaming is no exception – is about fair competition. The introduction of our new free-to-win system will really help facilitate the development of World of Tanks as a true eSports discipline.”

World of Tanks store options have already begun to change in support of the free-to-win plan. This strategy will be applied to all future titles.