CS:GO getting community moderation with Overwatch Investigators

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Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will soon have official community moderation via the Overwatch program. Overwatch Investigators will be presented with a randomly selected eight-round segment of in-game action showing an accused player after enough complaints have been lodged by other CS:GO players or if there is a sudden spike in complaints. The Overwatch Investigators will then vote on an outcome and the tally determines the action taken.

If the system determines that the investigators’ collective judgment converges on an overwhelming verdict, then the case will be closed and all decisions rendered on the case will determine the final verdict. If the verdicts are overwhelmingly “Insufficient Evidence” or are inconclusive, the case will be thrown out.

Players with few or no negative reports can wind up submitted to the review process by appearing in a previously judged gameplay segment. These cases are randomly inserted into the case load to help evaluate the investigators. In these test cases, the voting outcome will not result in any actions.

Investigators are subject to grading based on their voting habits. Accurate votes, determined by siding with the majority, result in a higher score for the investigator. Higher scoring investigators will have more weight in the voting process. Overwatch Investigators will be drawn from the community of players based on their experience and other factors.