XBOX One – I hope you like to watch TV

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The Microsoft Xbox Reveal Event just ended and the new console is going to be called XBOX One. No laughing! It’s got a new Kinect sensor, a redesigned controller, and a revamp of Xbox Live. Stop laughing! It’s got a lot of TV features. I’d say 45 minutes of the presentation was various people telling the audience how awesome watching TV will be on the XBOX One. Seriously, you have to stop laughing.

For all you tech heads, the next-gen console has 8GB of RAM and 5 bajillion thingamajigs inside it, so you can go from gaming to a TV show (and vice versa) a lot quicker. Go from a movie to live TV to a game in seconds! You can control your console using universal gestures, like swooping your hands to get to the home screen. Your laughter is really distracting, by the way.

Steven Spielberg is apparently producing a Halo TV show. XBOX One and the NFL are partnering up for some kind of new transmedia way to watch football games. Okay, look. I’m not going to continue if you’re just going to laugh like a loon the whole time.

Is it always online? What’s the price? Are there any good games coming? Good questions that had no answers in the presentation.