The Witcher 2 editor released, always nude Triss mod inevitable

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CD Projekt Red has released the beta of REDkit, the official Witcher 2 editor and SDK. The editor allows users to make new adventures for the steely-eyed white-haired witcher as well as modify existing game content. It’s free for owners of The Witcher 2. The editor wiki can help budding modders get started on their custom creations. There are nude models of Triss Merigold already in the game, so the hard work has already been done for you.

CD Projekt Red also announced the creator of the best mod during the closed beta period for the editor. Philipp Weber’s work-in-progress mod, Lykaon, has netted him a custom-made witcher sword to hang on his wall or sweep over his head like a monster hunter. The mod has Geralt dealing with women from his past. Lykaon will be the CD Projekt Red featured mod for the month. Weber has posted a helpful video tutorial to show folks how to start using the editor.

Did I mention there are nude models of Triss already in the game’s files?