Silicon Knights CFO says it’s just a flesh wound

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Too Human developer, Silicon Knights, has laid off almost all of their staff and sold most of their assets, but CFO Mike Mays told Polygon that the studio is “definitely alive” and “very busy.” Mays did not elaborate on what Silicon Knights is busy working on, or even where they are located, but an Ontario real estate agent confirmed that the offices in which Dennis Dyack’s former company used to work are empty and available for lease. Silicon Knights has not filed for bankruptcy as of yet.

Some of the old hardware (to include computers and desks) was sold to Dennis Dyack’s new studio Precursor Games, which is currently working on Shadow of the Eternals. Assets such as computers were wiped clean before the sale to ensure that no art or coding work from Silicon Knights would transfer to the new company as specified by the courts.

Silicon Knights still faces a $4.45 million judgment against it due to a successful lawsuit from Epic Games for breach of the Unreal Engine license agreement used during the development of Too Human.