Respawn’s project Titan rumored to be a next-gen Xbox exclusive

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Respawn Entertainment, the studio started by ex-Call of Duty bosses at EA after they split from Activision, will release a game exclusively for the next-gen Xbox according to sources speaking to Kotaku. The game, currently known by the working project title Titan, will be a futuristic shooter that features multiplayer battles with giant mechs and infantry.

While the details of the game came to us from one source – a source who is in a good position to know what the deal is with Respawn’s game – their assertion that the game is destined only for Microsoft console hardware was consistent with information another source gave us earlier this month. That other source had also told us that Respawn’s game would only be for the Xbox brand. It is possible that the game could be a timed exclusive, but neither source indicated that was the case.

Respawn Entertainment’s founders, Vince Zampella and Jason West, had reportedly wanted to make a shooter set in the future when they were in charge of Infinity Ward, but Activision demanded they make more Call of Duty games set in modern times.