Hell is first-person slashing with friends

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Techland has announced Hellraid, a first-person hack & slash game with system generated online challenges. The game can be played in singleplayer, but it sounds like co-op with three other hellraiders may be more fulfilling. Techland has added a points-based rewards ladder to Dead Island style co-op gameplay, which could be exactly what the system needs to mix things up.

Fighting hordes of hellish monsters is far more exciting when you do it with friends. To make it even more satisfying we’ve added an element or coopetition between the players. Each action in the game, be it killing a monster or helping a dying companion, is rewarded with points. The best players will receive special rewards and climb up the leaderboards.

“Coopetition” is a term that I sincerely hope does not catch on. I’m still getting used to freemium and phablet.