Twelve thousand dollar game found in Goodwill bargain bin

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One of the most valuable videogames ever made was purchased in a North Carolina Goodwill store over the weekend for $7.99. An english copy of Family Fun Fitness: Stadium Events was found by an anonymous woman that was bargain-hunting. Only about 200 of Bandai’s 1987 NES Stadium Events cartridges were ever sold making it one of the rarest games on the market. In fact, the North American run of this game was so small that it was only ever shipped to Woolworths in the North-East part of the United States.

Unopened cartridges of the game have been valued at $38,000. The North Carolina copy of Stadium Events is currently up for auction on GameGavel for $12,000 because it shows signs of use, although a more worn copy was auctioned on the same site for almost the same amount so it is expected that this will close with a higher final bid.

I love old-school videogames, but $12,000 for Stadium Events? Does this even give you any cool Achievements? Where’s the DLC?