Homeworld purchased by Gearbox in final THQ property auction

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THQ closed up last year, and the licenses for top-tier games like Saints Row and Company of Heroes were snatched up immediately. The auction for THQ’s less in-demand properties ended with almost $7 million being raised. (Contrast this amount to the figure paid by Sega for just Company of Heroes – $26.6 million.) Licenses were divided into six lots for bidding according to court documents.

Lot 1: Darksiders
Lot 2: Red Faction
Lot 3: Homeworld
Lot 4: MX
Lot 5: Titan Quest, uDraw, Summoner, others
Lot 6: Supreme Commander, Worms, Costume Quest, others

The sales will be finalized through the next few days so information will trickle out from various sources.

First up, space battle fan favorite Homeworld has been purchased by Gearbox Software. Let’s hope that whatever they do is more like the quality of Borderlands 2 and less like Aliens: Colonial Marines. This sale is especially interesting as it was the target of an unsuccessful bid from fans using Kickstarter to bring a port to iOS.

Update: Nordic Games Licensing AB bought Darksiders, Red Faction, and Lots 5 and 6 for $4.9 million. Gearbox paid $1.35 million for Homeworld. Finally, 505 Games purchased the Drawn to Life license for $0.3 million.