Molyneux’s Curiosity adds ability to troll the game with in-app purchases

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Peter Molyneux is either an inspired genius, an impractical dreamer, or a gifted con artist depending on who you ask. His game Curiosity – What’s Inside the Cube? launched in November 2012 and asked players around the world to cooperate at chippping away bits of a virtual cube to uncover the “life-changingly amazing” secret in the center. This is done by tapping at “cubelets” one at a time. Since the cube is made of billions of cubelets, the task would seem to be a daunting one. Luckily, the game allows players to purchase special tools and abilites with real money to increase their mining ability.

Molyneux, and his development company 22Cans, has always maintained that Curiosity is a social as well as a financial experiment and the newest feature added to the game reinforces that. Players can now buy blocks of cublets to add back to the total. For $0.99, you can return 10K cublets back to the cube and annoy some people. For $6.99, you can negate 100K cublets of work and make some players angry. For $10.99, you can add back a whopping 500K cubelets and really mess with the game.

As part of the experiment we are also offering the opportunity for those keen to preserve the experience to add back cubelets at the start of a layer. We don’t know what will happen in this war of attrition.

Molyneux, you magnificent bastard! I never want to play this game, but I eagerly await the outcome.

Curiosity is available on iOS as well as Android systems.