Bethesda teases with Bach

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If there’s anything that’s guaranteed to get folks buzzing, it’s Bethesda posting a mysterious video snippet. Barbed wire, a record label, and Johann Sebastian Bach’s Air on a G String is clearly visible. No, not that g-string. Sheesh! Feeding the fire is the fact that Bethesda had announced that they were moving on from Skyrim to other projects.

Psst! Fallout 3 lists the following Bach compositions in the soundtrack:

Gigue – Partita No. 3
Prelude – Partita No. 3
Grave – Sonata No. 2

Is it Fallout 4 or is that just wishful thinking? Another possible clue is that “The Moonbeam Trio” is printed on the record label.

Update: It’s not Fallout related. Bethesda’s Pete Hines tweeted that it’s something else. Let the wild speculation continue!