Ubisoft says there’s no room for “B-games” in next-gen development

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Ubisoft CEO Yannis Mallat spoke with GamesIndustry International and explained how the next-gen of consoles may not result in any big changes to the general direction of the industry.

“On one end of the spectrum you will have all the big, AAA blockbuster games that [offer] more and more production values, more value for the players, but there will be fewer of them taking a bigger chunk of the market,” Mallat said.

On the other end of the spectrum, the developer said mobile initiatives, tablets, and Facebook will continue to bring in new customers to the gaming industry. The problem is with what falls in the middle of the spectrum.

“The in-between, the belly of the market, is the one that just collapsed in a way and disappeared,” Mallat said. “Meaning there is no room for B-games, if I should say so, which proves the point of quality. I think that companies that put quality and consumer value as a primary focus, as we’ve been doing at Ubisoft, will enjoy great success.”

Mallat did add that he expects development costs to rise, but that the new consoles would bring opportunities for innovation.