Your Daily McMaster: 4am phone call

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It’s 4:00 AM. I’m not yet asleep because I have a bit of a cold and slept too much during the afternoon. I take a swig of some NyQuil and check out the Rockstar Social Club, my mind turning to bed. Then the phone rings. Like most people, when I get a late night phone call, I expect bad news.

After the jump, I answer the phone.

With a touch of alarm, I ask, “Hello?”

“Have you heard of Medium? You will.


I didn’t expect that.

I have heard of Medium. It’s a TV show with some sort of videogame tie-in. I know this because I received a post card from their PR folks the other day. Artistically, it looked interesting enough to merit a second look and possibly a stop by the booth at E3. Not now!

After any late night vague threat, I try to find out more about my caller, hoping to send an email to whomever thought calling me at four in the morning was a good idea. I assume they saw this coming and, to avoid a barrage of angry email, hid their game behind an unsearchable title. Searching for Medium doesn’t yield the exact result you might be hoping. You, obviously, can’t just type in “medium,” as it will find about 50 zillion matches. Typing in “medium game” or “medium video game” is also useless because games are a medium and also have many settings that use the term medium quality or medium difficulty. No luck on the first few pages of Google. That’s some pretty top-tier SEO.

With all that in mind, I’ve decided to pass on the email. If they take the E3 attendee list, call everyone on it in the middle of the night, wake them up and mumble a vaguely threatening message, it probably won’t be viewed favorably. Even if that did work, for some reason, you can’t find their site to get more information.

I just hope the crack PR team isn’t injured tripping over their clown shoes.