Weekly Little Big Planet: loosen up

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Target down, this week’s Trials Evolution community track, forces you to learn how to use the brakes. Be ready for that. You have to get to know this track before you can beat it. From time to time when talking about Little Big Planet levels I’ve been known to complain about compulsory deaths. I think I whine about surprise deaths being unfair. That they violate the rules. There are no such rules in Trials Evolution. Sometimes a ramp is going to drop on your head without warning. You’re going to faceplant into a stone pillar on your first time trying some tracks. That’s just life on a motorcycle. Deal with it.

Some tracks let you buzz through them on your first run. If you get how throttle and balance coexist in the game doing well on those tracks comes down to shaving seconds off your time. Target down isn’t about shaving seconds so much as it is about eliminating faults, and doing that requires trial and error. There’s no way around that. It’s a track that makes you learn it, but not one that relies upon impossible rock slabs to up its difficulty rating. After trying to beat one called Squirrel Island about a hundred times this week, and failing, I can appreciate that.

Target down was designed by CONPExZii. Difficulty: hard.