Weekly Little Big Planet: play this not that

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Every six months or so I bug Tom to resurrect a game at our weekly gaming night, Shoot Club, because I have fond memories of being good at it. Usually it’s some old Half Life mod where you get insta-kills with the crowbar in death match. Or Screamer 4×4.

“What’s that motorcycle game I totally rocked last year? The one with the cool physics?”

“Trials HD. It wasn’t last year. And you didn’t rock it.”

I totally did, and since I’m annoyed with LBP this week for screwing up my home network with its [failed] updates, I’m just going to give some love to that game’s successor, Trials Evolution, which I played for the first time last night. This works out just fine since the motorcycle game and the sackboy game use some of the same muscles. There was a particularly sweet moment when I had to negotiate my Scorpion over two giant rotating gears, and somehow I cleared the obstacle without a fault on the first try. “How did you do that?” It was more of an exclamation than a question. I was surprised too until I got to the end of the track and realized I was using skills instilled in me by LBP. Jumping. Balance. Timing. So, thank you Sackboy, but you’re in the doghouse this week in favor of Trials Evolution.