Weekly Little Big Planet: detangled

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A couple of months ago LBP came up with a new invention called Attract-o-Gel, a substance that enables your sackboy to walk on walls and ceilings. I rejoiced, hoping this would mean less of those hanging-from-the-ceiling elements I so hate. R1Grip, swing, release-and-quickR1. R1Grip, swing, release-and-quickR1. Ugh. So tedious. Attract-o-Gel to the rescue!

Except, not. It’s too easy, and unfortunately too many community designers use it as a crutch. Because of that I came to despise it. But it was a new tool, and designers, they adapt.

Designers like EDOGAN1, the creator of Rapunzel’s Rodent Problems, for example. Yes the level is so dark in parts that you can barely see what you’re doing. Yes, Rapunzel looks creepy and talks too much. And yes, your sackboy’s main ally is a hair vermin that is freaking out the teachers and parents of elementary students everywhere. Just typing that is creating a phantom itch on my scalp. Ignore that and dial down your squick, because someone just figured out how to make Attract-o-Gel a worthy LBP tool.

That, and decent level music. Well done.