Weekly Little Big Planet: red all over

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When I first read the title Black and White platformer, I got excited. A level all in black and white would be a nice change of pace. That didn’t pan out, as you can clearly see from the fireballs in the above screenshot. I still had a blast with the level in spite of this little letdown, and in spite of the weird thrusting phallus sections. Maybe I’m misinterpreting that part though. Sometimes a pointy column with a slightly bulbous tip is just a pointy column with a slightly bulbous tip. You be the judge.

Speaking of judging, it’s Sackie Awards nominations time! Yep. Sackies. That’s what they’re calling them. Get your nominations for your favourite levels of 2011 in before 06/02/2012, and seeing as there’s a ‘u’ in favourite, please note that the deadline is February 6th, not June 2nd. Also, my mention of pointy columns followed by an announcement of the Sackie Awards is entirely coincidental. No need to page Dr. Freud, I assure you.