Weekly Little Big Planet: freestyle

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Simple and beautiful. FreeFallin’ [3D Skydiving], our first community level of 2012, does come with a warning–or should I say warnin’–about motion sickness. If you’re prone to it, beware. When I first started playing shooters many years ago I would get queasy. Now, not so much, but I found I had to be careful with this level and play it only a few times a session. It’s worth trying, just beware.

Speaking of motion, I’m seeing an increasing number of community levels that require Move. Will this continue to be a trend in 2012? While I hope not as Move is not something I own and I’m not sure I have the space for it, I’m guessing the answer to that question will be yes. We already have to deal with a Move warning screen every time we boot up the game, so that’s probably the direction we’re headed. It will be interesting, at the very least, to watch how the LBP community deals with it going forward.

In the meantime, welcome to 2012! What say we go jump out of a plane?

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