Weekly Little Big Planet: bunny, ball ball

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That’s me up there with my girlfriend. She’s kind of shy. We both are, actually. This is clear because we close our eyes for every picture. Every single time a picture gets snapped during our little level, Super Bunnio, we close our eyes. Either we’re shy or we just share the same tic.

Anyway, I’m feeling a little down because we just can’t seem to get together. Oh, I know, everything looks nice in that picture with that cute little heart and the butterflies, but things are about to get weird. So weird. This gust of wind up and carries my girlfriend away, and so I have to do all this combo-jumping and eat a bunch of carrots to try to get her back. The combo-jumping is kind of cool, actually. In my normal bunny life I don’t get to do much of that. But then a couple of times I turn into a ball all of a sudden and start drilling through the ground like some kind of deranged hedgehog and I finally find her and then another gust of wind comes up and…well…it’s…


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