Your Daily McMaster: Duke Nukem? Not this shit again

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Among my emails this morning was the following:

Hi First Access Member,

The Hail to the Icons Parody Pack add-on for Duke Nukem Forever is now available! It offers three new multiplayer game modes, four new maps, as well as new weapons. As an early member of the First Access Club, you get it for free!

To get the code for your platform of choice, head over to

– Your friends at 2K Games & Gearbox Software

I vaguely remember talk of an expansion pack for Duke Nukem Forever. So, what’s this thing all about? Oh man, it’s called the Parody Pack. When I first saw that, my reaction was similar to the reaction of the reels guy having to load the Hulk running in Modern Romance. This isn’t looking good.

In this pack, you get access to a few new modes, including the Hot Potato one where you kidnap a woman. The other big draw is the release of four new maps, all of which are parodies of other games. There’s Call of Duke (Call of Duty), Sandpit (Halo?), Inferno (Doom), and 2forts1bridge (Team Fortress 2) all available for download in the new pack. Each map includes a special weapon, most notable the DFG on Inferno. In Doom, BFG stood for Big Fucking Gun. What does DFG stand for? Duke Fucking Gun? Probably.

Good luck to the 12 of you trying to play online tonight.