Weekly Little Big Planet: planet beta

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One of the things you have to know going in to the community levels of LBP is that sometimes you’re going to be used as a guinea pig. While I object to this–I have no more interest in beta testing a game than I have in seeing an unfinished preview of a movie–I’ve come to see it as the price of admission in experimenting with user-made levels. In certain cases I will make exceptions, however. If a friend needs to test out multiplayer for his review of an early build I’m happy to help out. If Wes Anderson wants to show a nearly finished print of his next film and then do a Q&A, I’ll go for that. But by and large, no thanks.

So I was annoyed as this week’s level, Boti-Boit, loaded and I realized it wasn’t a level at all, just a concept for a contest. I do not want to test out your contest concept. I finally got my kid to sleep and then had to spend half an hour futzing with my Internet connection because the latest PSN update knocked me offline. I’m bushed and I just want to play a little bit, not do your work for you. Except…

Boti-Boit is a really cool concept. The name is wholly inscrutable, to be sure, but the concept is simple and delightful. Your sackboy is on a huge rubber band ball, and you move him by bouncing the ball, poking in and out of platforms as you advance. That’s all there is to it. Hopefully the designer, someone named Kaumy, will eventually design a real level around it.

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