Terraria: Sir Digsalot’s worm problem

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Plenty of health potions? Check. Nine sticks of dynamite? Check. Dapper top hat? Check. It’s time to bust some more shadow orbs. Sir Digsalot has his spawn point saved over by the corruption, and has fallen down one of the big crevices until he sees the shadow orb. I destoyed one a few days ago, so this will be the second. After the third, another boss will spawn: the Eater of Worlds. While I’m here, I’ll also collect some rotten chunks from the Eater of Souls flying monsters that float around (they’re easy to kill) and see about grabbing some vile mushrooms, which only grow in the corruption.

After the jump: Man, that’s a big worm!

The first shadow orb drops another musket. Lame. The second is going to summon the eater, so I have to do a little prep work first. Build a elevated platform to fight him on, back by the spawn point. As soon as I break the shadow orb and collect my loot, I’ll try to high-tail it out of this crevice with the grappling hook and rocket boots. Honestly, I figure I’ll probably die, but the Eater of Worlds won’t give up. He’ll follow me to my nearby temporary spawn, where I’ll be waiting to fight him in the clear.

Yeah, that’s a big ‘ol worm all right. He’s kind of a pain to fight, but if you have a spawn point set right near your battleground, you can just go ahead and die a lot. And Sir Digsalot certainly does. He hacks away with his phaseblade and breaks the Eater into many segments, dying about 6 or 7 times in the process. When it’s all said and done, I’ve got 68 shadowscale and 148 demonite ore. Time to go back to the home base and see what I can make out of this. Plus, I’ve picked up plenty of other ingredients along the way. It’s time to do a little crafting.

The demonite and shadowscale I have is enough to make a nightmare pickaxe and the chest piece of the shadow scale mail. The pickaxe, in particular, is a big deal. It digs up dirt and sand the the like with one hit, and it swings very fast. It can also dig up ebonstone and meteorite, so no more dynamite is needed to hunt down shadow orbs.

It looks like I have enough lenses to make two more Suspicious Looking Eyes, but not enough vile powder (made from the vile mushrooms) to make the worm food necessary to summon the eater of worlds. So, it’s back to the corruption to break a few more orbs.

The first two shadow orbs yield an orb of light (use it to summon an glowing ball that follows you and lights up the place – very handy!) and a vilethorn (a magical spear). With only two stars of magic, Sir Digsalot isn’t going to get much use out of the vilethorn. Not without chugging down mana potions. The orb of light, on the other hand, is going straight to the hotbar. It’s nice to not have to plunk down torches all the time. Just one more orb to break, and it’s time to fight another Eater of Worlds. I already have my little battle platform and temporary spawn point set. Here goes nothing.

For some reason, this battle is a lot more protracted, and I end up using a lot of healing potions, but I finally kill this second Eater and head back to home base. It’s enough demonite ore to make a pair of boots, but I’m not done here yet.

Really, I think it’s time to make a new world and see what I’m missing from that big patch released the other day. Before I do that, I need to do some prep work. Tear down my building. Get my gear and materials ready. The general idea is: I’ll put everything in my inventory and piggy bank in this world, go to the new world and build a new fortress, then come back to this world and grab all the rest of the stuff I left behind. That means I’ll need a lot of stone, for starters. Before I do any of that, it’s time to kill the Eye of Cthulhu once again. I have two Suspicious Looking Eyes, so I’ll use one to summon the boss here, then one in the new world.

This is a good opportunity to try out my new poisoned knives. I’ve been saving the throwing knives I bought off the merchant during the Blood Moon, and now I’ve used a lot of the leftover vile powder to convert them to poisoned knives.

The poisoned knives aren’t terribly powerful, but you can throw them very quickly, so the Eye of Cthulhu falls quickly. He leaves behind a nice pile of demonite ore, which I use to make a shadow helmet. With the complete shadow armor set, I get 15% faster melee attack speed. Sweet! Now it’s time to collect a bunch of stone and build a better life in a whole new world.

Of course, Sir Digsalot doesn’t have to use dynamite to collect stone. Especially not with the nightmare pickaxe. It’s just fun, and fast. After collecting several stacks of stone and wood, and grabbing some iron bars and other early-world building materials, I set off to New Quartoria.

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