Terraria: Sir Digsalot and the search for gold and stuff

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Sir Digsalot has made his little stone fort and begins another night of digging beneath it before exploring the surface during the day. I head straight down to where the background changes, signifying that I’m in “underground” layer. That’s when I find a huge section of sand. Sand! You might think sand is useless crap.

After the jump, you’d be wrong.

Sand is used to make glass blocks, which in turn makes bottles. Put a bottle on a shelf, workbench, or table and you have an alchemy station to make potions out of all those mushrooms. Plus, if the damn merhcant ever shows up, selling bottles is a good way to make some early cash. You have to be careful with sand, though. Sand blocks fall, so if you dig away their support and get crushed by it, you’ll get hurt. Nothing is more embarrassing than crushing yourself to death with sand. I find some cobwebs as I dig as well, and scoop those up. I’ll turn those into silk, then into a bed, which will let me set my spawn point to the inside of my fort.

The next day, Digsalot is just casually exploring the surface, spelunking into open caves in search of iron and gold, when what does he see?

Christ, what the hell are those things? It looks like a sarlacc baby! These gross objects in the background are demon altars, and it’s good to find a couple so easy to get to. I’ll need those later to summon my first boss. And no sooner do I find them and kill a couple slimes do I see…

Merchant has arrived! I can go sell my stacks of useless dirt! Well, he won’t give me any money for them, but it’s a good way to get rid of blocks I don’t want without dumping them on the ground where I can accidentally scoop them up again. I can also buy one of the most important items in the game: the piggy bank.

No, seriously, the piggy bank is serious business. See, in Terraria your character file is saved locally. When you join someone’s multiplayer server, the world is stored on the server’s computer (including everything put in chests), but you and your inventory are yours, and follow you as you play your own world and other servers. The piggy bank is a storage extension of that, sort of like a locally-stored chest. Every piggy bank Sir Digsalot accesses on every server in every world will always contain his stuff. It’s a great place to keep your excess money, the only thing you drop when you die.

Also, you know what? Screw this copper pickaxe. I was waiting to make a gold one – gold pickaxes are the first ones capable of digging up meteorite – but this copper one is just too slow. An iron or silver pickaxe isn’t actually any more capable and doesn’t dig up stuff if fewer hits, but it swings a lot faster. So, iron pickaxe it is. A bit more digging, and I find my first chest! It’s in a little pocket of underground water, so I’ll dig a shaft to drain in all out to.

After digging out a drain for the water, I open the chest and…woo hoo! Look those goodies! Flippers? Dynamite? Gold coins? Now we’re getting somewhere. Just need some more iron to make a suit of iron armor, and I’m ready to start fighting at night. It’s going to take 75 iron bars to make a full suit of armor, so I better get digging. The ore deposits are richer the further down you go…

Paydirt! This is what I want to see. A big pile of silver, some iron, and a heartstone all on the same screen. Heartstones are how you get more hit points: smash it with a hammer and it drops a Life Crystal. Use that and your maximum life increases by one heart (20 hit points). Getting your first one will also make the Nurse appear, but my housing is all full. I’ll need to expand my keep.

After some more digging and exploring, my stockpile is starting to look all right. I even happened upon my first few falling stars, which fall to the ground at night and disappear at dawn. You need 10 of them to insrease your mana meter, which starts out at zero, but it’s not like I have any items that use mana yet, anyway.

Time to make some iron armor and a silver bow. Bows, and ranged weapons in general, are lots of fun and particularly useful for certain enemies. It’s a snap to make arrows, and with torches, flaming arrows, which light up the night and are perfect for killing those damn flying Demon Eyes. That’s my goal now – kills eyes, take the lenses they sometimes drop. Because tomorrow, Sir Digsalot faces his first boss fight!