Terraria: the adventures of Sir Digsalot

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Behold Sir Digsalot and his spawn point in the kingdom of Quarteria! From these humble beginnings, I shall dig, and build, and dig some more, and kill, and continue digging until I has achieved dominion over this procedurally-generated medium-sized world! Blonde of hair, Green of Eye, and Plain of Clothes, Sir Digsalot’s story begins as all good stories do:

With an axe.

After the jump, we get our build on.

As with Minecraft, the sand-castle game Terraria shares so much in common with, the key to a good time with the game is in how you spend the first day. That first night can be tough if you don’t have a shelter, so let’s get on that. Sir Digsalot (his friends call him “Digs”, I have decided) takes his trusty, piece-of-shit copper axe and lays waste to all the trees nearby, taking care to click low near the ground to avoid leaving unsightly stumps.

With a couple hundred pieces of wood and a few gels from killing the slimes that bounced in to murder those cute little white rabbits, I build a crappy hovel to protect Digs from the zombies that come out at night. Why are zombies always nocturnal, anyway?

After dropping the wood into a rectangle around myself, creating a workbench, a door, some wooden walls, and all the torches I can, I’m finally ready to face the night. And by “face the night” I mean: “begin the endless task of digging underground in search of metal.” Because seriously, fuck those zombies. Sir Digsalot isn’t equipped do deal with the mindless undead just yet.

After a full night of digging (and presumably, caffeine), Digsalot emerges at dawn with a paltry 4 copper, but 24 nuggets of the far more valuable iron ore. That, and a whole lot of stone, mud, and dirt. With the stone he can make a furnace, and with the furnace he can smelt that ore into bars. But first, I’ll need to expand the pitiful hovel, which isn’t even big enough for the furnace, much less, the anvil.

Yes, with the paltry sum of ore in his possession, I can make enough iron bars to create the anvil, completing the triumvirate of critical crafting stations. Nearly everything you make is made at the workbench, furnace, or anvil. Sir Digsalot’s anvil is so impressive, even the cute bunny can’t help but admire it. There’s still plenty of daylight left, so it’s time to explore the surface and look for copper and iron, kill slimes, and gather mushrooms. Of course, you always need more wood, and I’m planning to upgrade my crappy hovel to a proper building, so I better snag a bunch of stone, too.

A little exploring to the right of my little home and I find a huge outcropping of mushrooms…

A cave with a decent bit of copper and iron…

And just before the sun sets on my way home, I run into the cutest little slime. D’awww. He’s small, he’s pink, and he… has 150 hit points?! I wail away on him for what seems like forever before giving up. At 2 damage per hit, this copper pickaxe just isn’t ready for Pinky.

Another night of digging under my house. Hoo-boy. But what’s this? After extending the tunnel downard a little and digging to the side, Sir Digsalot has stumbled upon an underground cave! These are great…this is where you find chests and heart crystals. What does this cavern have in store for us?

Turns out, not much. A couple copper blocks and a couple pots with some junk in ’em. Digging around the rest of the night I find enough iron to made a broadsword, saving the rest to build future stuff like chests or armor. More importantly, I get enough stone to replace my shithole with a proper keep, eventually with enough rooms for other NPCs to move in. I’ll just reclaim everything with the hammer, make a bunch of stone bricks and stone walls, and… okay, it takes a whole other day just to tear down The Hovel of Sir Digsalot, so it’s another night of digging. But a night and a day later…

Now we’re talking. In order for NPCs to appear and move in to the places you build for them, they must have their own room. It has to be at least 8×4 blocks, have a table or workbench and a chair, a light source, and a door or wood platform for them to get in and out. The only NPC around right now is the annoying and somewhat useless Guide, but as soon as I meet a few other conditions, better folks will move in. I got my crafting room, a couple chests for storage, and I’ll set to start taking Digsalot on some real adventures. I’ll do some more mining through the night, and set out to explore the world properly the next day.

Up next: there’s gold in them thar 2D hills