Stalker: Call of Pripyat: It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Bullet Buzzard!

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After looting the bodies of a camp full of bandits, I had a lot of ammo and other goodies. But after getting seriously sidetracked by other quests on my way home, I end up back at the trader camp and find I have next to no ammo for any of my effective weapons.

After the jump, my superpower is the ability to solve ammo woes

I’ve been killing melee-based mutated humans who were apparently SCUBA divers because they all have gas masks on. They’re called snorks by the locals and they don’t carry any weapons or ammo. I can’t even loot them, which is good, I suppose, because all they have are gore-covered gas masks. Maybe I could take their gross exposed spines, Predator-style. Yuck. Never mind.

Because my aim is terrible when I’m in the dark and terrified by leaping, carnivorous, mutated, former soldiers with exposed spines, I’ve used up all the ammo I looted from the fallen bandits. So by the time I arrive back at the trader camp and unload all my well-gotten gains, I have nearly no ammo at all. But how do I get ammo if I can’t kill guys?

Knife lots of dudes? No. That way lies a great deal of reloading saved games. Instead, I will become a scavenger, listening for conflicts between other stalkers. I will loot the bodies in the aftermath. I am a buzzard, looting the dead for bullets. Bullet Buzzard. If only I could name myself. Man.

In other news, I teamed up with a dude named Grouse to hunt some bloodsuckers that have been screwing with his buddies. We run into a building that he thinks is filled with bloodsuckers, and he tells me to be careful, and then he starts crouch-running through the building. I follow him for a second then hear a horrible lion-like growl. I am attacked by some invisible beast that lunges at me, snarling. A Cthuloid horror that obviously used to be a man is briefly visible, then it’s merely a shimmer in the air that recedes, growling. I’m frantically firing bullets into the shimmering air, and the beast flickers back into sight as it rounds some distant machinery. It’s gone for now.

Then I realize Grouse is nowhere nearby! The dick told me to be careful then took off, even though he was five feet away when I got jumped. Grouse is a jerk. Here he is, being a dick:

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