Daily Little Big Planet 2: red sky at night two

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I almost gave up on this level, The Red Sky Evening. It was close. It’s a beautiful level, with some cool features, but I got to one section that I just couldn’t figure out. Thankfully the designer hadn’t put in a life limit so I could keep trying. Unfortunately said designer chose a music shift just before this juncture to some kind of shoo-bee-doo crap that was nails-on-a-blackboard to me. This did not help my frustration.

I left it last night and came back to give it another whack today. What a difference a day makes. Still took me way longer than it should have, but it was just so satisfying to slip past that wall of frustration. No matter how long it took me. Or how annoying the music.

One final note. The picture for this level is hard to make out. If you look carefully you can see my sackboy half in view, and half in negative view as the designer has a couple of moments where you have to duck into this cool negative land. Like a mountain x-ray. I love little touches like this. Especially when the designer has the good sense not to overdo it and make the level about the effect.